Art and Your Health-Art Institute of Chicago FREE

I don’t know about you, but I can admit, I do not take advantage of all the great things to do in Chicago.  I really only visit the cities main attractions when showing out-of-town visitors the sights.  I take for granted all the museums, and attractions found just steps away from my home. 

Which is why I get excited and motivated to get out and sight-see when our local attractions are FREE, and when I learn that going may even improve my health!

For all the month of February 2010, the Art Institute of Chicago is free to visitors all day!  This includes the new Modern Wing, tours, free gallery talks, free lectures, and free readings.

Better your mental health, by de-stressing from a long day in the office at the Art Institute.  According to Dr. John Grohol, CEO and founder of Psych Central, viewing art, may improve your health.  Studies taken to determine if art work in hospitals can improve health, suggest that vivid paintings of landscapes, friendly faces and familiar objects can actually lower blood pressure and heart rate, while abstract pictures may have the opposite effect.

Free Admission all Feb. 2010


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