Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Is sea salt healthier for you than regular table salt?  Is there a difference?

Both table salt and sea salt are made up of the same basic components; mostly sodium and chloride.  The main difference between the two are their texture, salt and how they are processed. 

Sea Salt

  • Made from the evaporation of seawater
  • Includes minerals and other elements from the water source, thus altering the taste and the color

Table Salt

  • Comes from underground salt deposits
  • Processed to prevent clumping and eliminate any additional mineral and elements
  • Iodine is added since it is not in table salt naturally (is in sea salt)

How much salt do we need?

On average, we need around 1,500-2,300 mg of sodium a day, unless your doctor has told you otherwise.   Most of us consume way over this amount due to the amount of salt in processed foods and at restaurants. 

Bottom line: There is no health difference between sea salt and table salt.  You may prefer the taste of one over the other for cooking and adding to your foods.  Sea Salt is sometimes marketed as a healthier option, but the truth is that sea salt and table salt have the same chemical make up.


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