Abdominal Workouts

As mentioned in Belly Fat, most people have the desire to have wash board abs or a six-pack.  However, as we all know, getting that toned look is not always easy.  There is not such thing as spot exercises so if you want the six-pack look, you have to put in the time doing cardio.  But, it is also important to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. 

Ab exercises

  • Bicycle crunch (targets main abs and the waist)
  • Reverse curl; lay on floor with your legs toward the ceiling. Bring belly button and legs toward ceiling keeping your shoulder blades on the floor.
  • Pilates roll up; lay on ground with legs straight and arms extended overhead.  Bring arms forward, tilt chin down, and slowly curl upper body up, reaching hands to toes.
  • Standard crunch
  • Leg lifts; lay on back with legs extended and arms at your side.  Lower legs to the ground 45 degrees keeping shoulders on floor.  Lift and repeat.

Where to work your abs in Chicago


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