Don’t waste your time~Least Effective Exercises

We all hear what to-do at the gym or for a workout, but unless you are working with a personal training, it can be hard to determine those exercises we are either doing wrong, or are just a waste of time.  According to WebMD, the following are the least effective exercises for individuals.

  • Bad form on cardio machines (hunching over, or gripping the handles too tight): Set the resistance and incline to a level where you can stand straight and could do the movement without the support of the hand rails.  Hunching over or gripping too tight can mess with your body’s ailment thus causing pain in your spine, shoulders and arms.
  • Spot Reduction exercises (targeting just one area-like your thighs):  It doesn’t work! Exercises aimed toward certain areas can firm and tone, however you still have to burn the extra layer of fat for optimal results.  Cardio is the best way to burn overall body fat and total body strength training will increase your muscle mass and increase your metabolism.
  • Using a weight belt-always: Unless you have chronic injury and/or your doctor told you to or you are lifting crazy amounts of weight, you shouldn’t always use a weight belt to lift weights.  Using a weight belt takes some of the work off your core (abs and back) not properly training them to work.
  • Wearing the wrong shoes while exercising: Wearing fashion gym shoes to run on the treadmill will only cause problems in your joints, feet and more.  Make sure to wear the proper shoes for your exercise type and update shoes when needed.  See ATHLETIC Shoes.
  • Lateral Pull Down– (bringing the bar behind the head): Keep your spine straight, have a wider than shoulder length grip, lean back a few degrees and bring the bar to about your chin.  Bringing the bar behind your head can lead to shoulder or neck injuries  (correctly, this exercise works your upper back muscles.)Correct form
  • Military Press- (again bringing the bar behind your head): Doing this can cause the same problems as the lat-pull down.  Instead, keep the bar in front of your body, and keep your upper body upright.
  • Upright Row-(bringing the bar to your chin): Instead do shoulder raises either to your side or in front of your body.  Doing the upward row improperly can pinch nerves in your shoulder.
  • Leg Press-(having your knees at less than a 90 degree angle): Keep your knees at a 90 degree angle or more while seated on this machine.   Make sure to keep your back/butt again the machine pad and do not let it come up and move around/twist.  Having your knees at less than a 90 degree can harm your knees and/or back.
  • Lunges-(letting your knee go over your toe): same as the leg press, this can harm your knees.  Look down when lunging and make sure your knee is behind your toes.


Source WebMD


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