Burn fat and lifts-Have you tried it yet?

This morning, I had the privilege of starting off my day with a  Barre Bee Fit class and let me tell you, I am already feeling it! 

Barre Bee Fit is the newest barre-based workout studios to hit Chicago and Healthy In Chicago welcomes this new addition.  Why?  Because not only is the workout phenomenal, the atmosphere and energy in the studio is amazing.  Are you a person who gets nervous about trying something new?  Haven’t worked out in a while?  Feel insecure because you may not have the hottest workout attire?  None of this matters at Barre Bee Fit.  The instructors are welcoming, personable and the classes small, so you don’t feel intimated by what you are doing or where you are. 

Jillian, part founder and fab instructor, started class today with a cardio warm up and then progressed to strengthen training.  However, this was a different kind of strength training.  According to Jillian, using small isometric movements, each individual muscle group is targeted and worked to the point of overload.  With intermitted cardio bursts, to burn more calories, Jillian took us through more isometric movements as well as barre and yoga stretches ending the class with core work.  We did feel the burn for the full hour!

Why do this class?  According to Barre Bee Fit’s owners, Barre Bee Fit’s systematic approach burns fat and lifts and lengthens the body to yield quick noticeable results that we all want to see.  It can change the way your body functions and looks.  It is also very reasonably priced.  For just $125 a month, you get unlimited classes.  If you go 3 times a week, that is only $10 a class!  They also offer student and industry discounts, or pay as you go!  The studio itself is very clean.  Jillian, a self-professed germ freak, and her team of insructors (shout out to Michelle!)makes sure mats and equipment are wiped down between each class.   Parking is free if go you in the morning and it is conveniently located for anyone to go before or after work.  They also cap their class sizes so you actually have your own space to practice!  The only down we saw is that the studio doesn’t have showers.  However even with its intensity, we didn’t sweat much, and they keep it very cold in the workout room.

Bottom line:  Barre Bee Fit is Healthy In Chicago approved and recommended.  Not only is it a great workout, but the studio and instructors are unpretentious, personable and knowledgable.  A big plus, the classes are affordable!

Healthy In Chicago readers-Try a class!  Enter promo code 435 when you register and workout for FREE.

You are also invited to Barre Bee Fit’s launch party tomorrow at English from 6-9pm. 

$10 donation gets you 2 free drinks and another FREE class at Barre Bee Fit.  Even better, your donation goes to the Bright Pink charity.

To read more about Barre Bee Fit click here.


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