Wellness Cleanse with Core Power Yoga!

The Cleanse
Cleansing has tangible, measurable results. It ultimately leads to healthier and more efficient digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, healthier tissue for skin, hair and nails, better joint health, higher metabolism, stronger immune system, enhanced recovery and more!  Our lead yogis will guide you safely through a natural yogic cleanse in a supportive and positive community. You won’t find this doing a cleanse on your own.
We teach you the basic principles of Ayurveda – Yoga’s sister science – to help you understand how the foods you eat work for you uniquely. Wake up more energetic and optimistic, exercise more efficiently, improve your concentration at work and approach your life with a new vitality!  You will learn Ayurvedic techniques including, neti pot (you get one FREE!) and proper use of essential oils. These tools will help support your ongoing health and longevity.
Alternative Medicine
We introduce you to new resources in the field of holistic healing to help you navigate the world of alternative medicine safely. You will learn how to choose the appropriate modality, find a qualified practitioner and take control of your health care.
Program Details
The Wellness Cleanse begins on Friday, November 5thand concludes on Sunday, November 21st.  Price of the program begins at $469 but discount do apply.   The general schedule will be as follows:
·         Introduction-Friday, November 5h from 7pm-10pm                                       
·         Lectures: 2 following Wednesdays, November 10th, 17th, 8pm-10:30pm    
·         Yoga Classes: 3 following Sundays November 7th, 14th& 21st   7:30-9am (Detox/Kundalini & Restorative/YIN Yoga)            

For more information about Core Power’s Wellness Cleanse, visit HERE


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