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Staying (kinda) Healthy in Chicago

I wanted to take my first blog post for  Healthy in Chicago to introduce myself to the readers.  My name is Brian.  I’m a 29-year-old former frat guy from Indiana.  I work out too much.  I also go out too much.  It’s this entirely unhealthy balance that I’m going to write my blog posts on for the site.  Why?  The reality is that all of us have unhealthy aspects of our life, because that’s life.  So my posts will not help you look like Stalone in Rocky IV (for that matter they won’t help you look like the “so tan I’m scared, insanely roided out guys at castaways”).  So what will I write about?  Probably stuff you think about if you are a guy at a gym (ladies may think it funny, rude, or probably a mixture of both).

Stuff like:

I got a really funny look from the girl on the elliptical next to me for wearing gym clothes that smell like a high school football locker.

What the hell is the deal with Tread and Shred class?  Why is this dude in spandex yelling at people to run faster?  Can he tone it down, so I can focus on staring at the girl in front me?

It would be sick if wearing sunglasses inside was reasonable.

Is anyone else scared when personal trainers seem to give you the stare down trying to Jedi mind trick you into signing up.

Enough with the referral crap.  If I’m going to recommend my gym, it’s because I like it, not because I get $25 in free smoothies.

Basically all the random stuff I’m doing and thinking as I’m sweating out last evening’s booze.  Off to the gym to sweat off last night’s bender.  I will be thinking about the 22-year-old I was hanging out with and how I will need to continue working out longer if I’m going to defy my age into my upcoming 30th birthday.

Davidson – Chicago – 2010