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Barre Bee Fit is now in Lincoln Park!

The ladies behind the River North barre sensation, Barre Bee Fit are opening their Lincoln Park studio tomorrow! 

Healthy in Chicago loves Barre Bee Fit (and teaches there), so read reviews from others and be sure to check it out for a FREE WEEK this week.

Barre Bee Fit-Lincoln Park

1962 N. Clybourn

Chicago, IL 60614

Choosing the Lesser Evil

Article from our sister site Healthy in College!

One of the best parts of being away at school is the ability to make choices independent from your parents. Food and drink options are included in the realm of indecision, and students may become distraught when choosing which option is healthier. Below are some common nutritional showdowns that students are confronted with on a daily basis.

Diet Coke vs. Coffee

Caffeine is never a healthy option when compared to water, but sometimes you just need to get your fix. Although diet coke may seem like the better choice due to its calorie content of zero, but diet soda is full of chemicals and recent studies have linked it to weight gain and stroke. Coffee, on the other hand, has been shown to increase metabolism, and coffee drinkers may have a lower risk of liver and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Just don’t go crazy with the cream and sugar!

Wrap vs. Sandwich

Both are widely available on college campuses and can come with a variety of contents from Thai chicken to ham and cheese. Obviously the healthier choice depends on the insides, but when it comes to a decision of wrapping up your turkey, cheddar and tomato in a wheat tortilla or sandwiching it between two slices of wheat bread, the latter is the better option. The generic brand of wheat tortillas (and lets face it, most campuses use generic products) can include oils that give it that density and the high carbohydrate content.

Pretzels vs. Baked Chips

It seems that most meal plan packages include the choice of chips as a side. Although traditionally pretzels have seemed healthier than regular potato chips, baked chips are the better option. With half the calories and half the carbohydrates and an alarmingly less amount of sodium (the baked chips have 700mg less!), baked chips can be good in moderation as a crunchy sidekick to a sandwich.

Goat Cheese vs. Cow Cheese

As a topping on salads or an addition to a sandwich, cheeses are an important part of the american diet. Cow’s milk cheeses are more available on college campuses then goat cheese, but if you can alternate goat cheese for any cow cheeses, do it. Goat cheese is easier to digest and less likely to have hormones, plus it is typically lower in calories, fat content, and cholesterol. Try adding goat cheese to a spinach salad with strawberries, pistachios, grilled chicken and drizzle with a balsamic vinaigrette!

Yogurt & Granola vs. Milk and Cereal

Two breakfast essentials, these options are typically the go-to for on the go college students. Of course, as with all things, it depends on the type of cereal (put down the Lucky Charms), milk (choose skim!), yogurt, and granola (skip the sugary stuff), but the nutritional match up is a close one. Granola can be higher in calories, but the protein in yogurt and the fiber in granola will keep you full longer. Plus, when was the last time you were satisfied by one bowl of cereal? Healthy in College loves Bakery on Main granola (Gluten Free!) paired with Greek yogurt.

You are invited!

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To get a flu shot…or not

Your co-worker in the cube next to you has been hacking up a lung all week…it is that time of the year…flu season has begun.  In the U.S., the flu season is usually from fall through early spring.  

According to the Center for Disease Control

  • 5 to 20 percent of the population get the flu
  • More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications
  • Deaths from flu-related causes range from 3,300 to 48,600 (average 23,600)

Around this time of year, the flu shot commercials start, your office may offer shots for employees or your doctor suggests you get one.  Do you?  Have you in the past?  Did you get it and felt sick after so you never got it again? The Center for Disease Control and the medical profession believe that a seasonal flu shot is the best way to protect you from the flu. 

Back when I worked for a healthcare company, I did receive the shot every year.  From personal experience, I never got sick after and despite interacting with the community every day, I didn’t get sick often.  However, this year I am undecided on whether I will get the shot.  I still interact with the community everyday, and have already gotten sick 3 times, but still I hesitate.  Why?  Maybe because the thought of inflecting involuntary pain doesn’t sound fun, or sadly, because it isn’t free this year?  In years past, I just got it, didn’t think twice and really didn’t read the waiver I had to sign that explained what the shot was.  This year I am doing my research.

What is the “flu shot”?  It contains three seasonal influenza viruses that are grown in eggs. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against three influenza viruses. It is an inactivated vaccine (containing killed virus) that is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved for use in people older than 6 months, including healthy people and people with chronic medical conditions.  According to the CDC, the flu vaccine is 70-90% effective in preventing the flu in those 65 years and younger.  Since it is an inactive virus being injected, you can’t get sick from the actual shot.  It is argued in research that those that get sick usually had been exposed to the flu prior to the shot.

In the end, it is your decision whether to get a shot or not.   The best way to decide, educate yourself.  Read here for more info on the flu shot.

Where you can get a flu shot in your neighborhood.

Get Regimental! Free workout this Sunday and more!

 Combining the advantages of one-on-one personal training with at-home video workouts, The Regimen will offer free training sessions on Sunday October 31 as lululemon athletica’s Studio of the Month. The training sessions, which can be modified to accommodate anyone from beginners to experienced athletes, will be led by The Regimen trainer Katie Morse.

 “I developed the program to eliminate the repetition of traditional at-home workout videos.  The Regimen is an online video library that allows members to determine when and where they work out and keeps members motivated through our unique rewards program.  The more a member works out, the more points they earn towards Regimemorabilia like water bottles and exercise mats,” said Morse.

 After 3 years of personal training through her company KTFitness, Morse developed The Regimen as an economical option for members who may not have the time or finances for a personal trainer but need the high energy and variety that personal training offers.

 Morse points out that “as the days become cooler and shorter, The Regimen gives members a workout in their own home.  You don’t need a lot of space or special equipment to be successful with The Regimen.  It is a self-contained, comprehensive online fitness community.”

 Visitors to lululemon athletica for these classes will experience The Regimen first hand at no cost; exercise mats are provided.

Sunday, October 31st


lululemon athletica-2104 N. Halsted Avenue

About Katie Morse

 Before graduating from DePauw University in 2007, where she played on the soccer team, Katie Morse began training for her first marathon in the spring of her senior year. Looking toward the next stage of her life, Katie knew she would need new arenas for competition and friendship. After completing her run in St. Louis with a time of 4:14, Morse was convinced she had found a challenge to enjoy. While living in Chicago and developing a personal training business, Morse practiced for future marathons. She ran in St. Louis again in 2008 and in her local Chicago marathon, which took her past her own apartment, in 2009. Her times qualified her for the Boston Marathon, which she participated in this year.

 Having proven she could compete long distance, Morse wanted a new challenge and entered the Branson half Ironman. In preparation, she completed a sprint- and an Olympic-distance triathlon. Eager to continue advancing, she tested her skills in the Racine half Ironman. She surprised herself by placing 14th in her age group. She matched that placement in Branson.

 “Training for races requires intense discipline both in everyday workouts and nutrition,” Morse explains. “I work as hard as the clients I train and my experiences help make me a better athlete and trainer.” After three years of personal training through her company KTFitness, Morse has turned her knowledge and experience into a new platform, The Regimen, which provides online personal training. “Everyone benefits from guidance and coaching. To meet my race goals, I rely on support from my online training coach Nina Jack and the Chicago Blue Dolphins.”

 Morse’s success with athletics and competition has driven her to develop a program that can share the positive effects of fitness and movement with people around the world. “I developed The Regimen because I want other people to enjoy moving as much as I do and I want to motivate them to move as much as possible. The Regimen eliminates excuses I’ve dealt with because it doesn’t require special equipment or a lot of space; the online video library allows for flexibility and prevents boredom; and our unique rewards program allows members to earn points toward Regimemorabilia like water bottles and exercise mats,” said Morse.

 The Regimen works for people who want to train fast, efficiently, and on-the-go, but Morse also devotes time to her triathlon training by biking, swimming, and running. She looks forward to her biggest race yet, Ironman Wisconsin 2011.

 Certified as a personal enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Morse graduated from DePauw University with a BA in Athletic Training.  Morse is an avid runner, having completed 4 marathons, and is currently training for several Ironman competitions in 2011. 

 About The Regimen  packages as low as $10, members can take a different class every day and adjust the difficulty level.  Workouts include cardio, strength, balance, agility and flexibility with a concentration on the core.

For more information contact Katie at The Regimen 773.315.4265 or online at

Wellness Cleanse with Core Power Yoga!

The Cleanse
Cleansing has tangible, measurable results. It ultimately leads to healthier and more efficient digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, healthier tissue for skin, hair and nails, better joint health, higher metabolism, stronger immune system, enhanced recovery and more!  Our lead yogis will guide you safely through a natural yogic cleanse in a supportive and positive community. You won’t find this doing a cleanse on your own.
We teach you the basic principles of Ayurveda – Yoga’s sister science – to help you understand how the foods you eat work for you uniquely. Wake up more energetic and optimistic, exercise more efficiently, improve your concentration at work and approach your life with a new vitality!  You will learn Ayurvedic techniques including, neti pot (you get one FREE!) and proper use of essential oils. These tools will help support your ongoing health and longevity.
Alternative Medicine
We introduce you to new resources in the field of holistic healing to help you navigate the world of alternative medicine safely. You will learn how to choose the appropriate modality, find a qualified practitioner and take control of your health care.
Program Details
The Wellness Cleanse begins on Friday, November 5thand concludes on Sunday, November 21st.  Price of the program begins at $469 but discount do apply.   The general schedule will be as follows:
·         Introduction-Friday, November 5h from 7pm-10pm                                       
·         Lectures: 2 following Wednesdays, November 10th, 17th, 8pm-10:30pm    
·         Yoga Classes: 3 following Sundays November 7th, 14th& 21st   7:30-9am (Detox/Kundalini & Restorative/YIN Yoga)            

For more information about Core Power’s Wellness Cleanse, visit HERE