Chicago’s Best NEW Workouts

Chicago Magazine unveiled the best new workouts in the city.  Guess what?  Healthy in Chicago agrees!

Here are the workouts that made the cut.

GoCycle-amazing cycle studio in Old Town. Check out their new Go Pump class which combines spinning with strength training.  Or Emmy’s spin and abs or spin and yoga combo class!  Your first class is FREE sign up now!

Barre Bee Fit- Read Healthy in Chicago’s review on the studio HEREFREE classes every Saturday in February at lululemon athletica Rush.

iFit Fitness-River North’s newest gym and boy did this neighborhood need a gym!

Tactix-for those who enjoy martial arts!

Crossfit-A Healthy in Chicago favorite.  Read more HERE and get one month free!

Now’s the time to try them out-what do you have to lose?


3 Tips for Getting Back on (the Healthy) Track

 Have the gray, cold, dreary days taken your healthy New Year intentions captive? Don’t worry; all is not lost!  Usually, when we make a commitment to turn over a new leaf, the first few days – or weeks – can seem effortless.  We are caught up in the excitement and have fun changing up the foods we eat and adding new variety our fitness routine. 

 But then IT happens. 

Something catches us off guard:  a fight with a loved one, an extraordinarily busy work schedule, or a cold that just won’t seem to go away.  Whatever it is, once your new routine is disrupted, it is common to seek solace in your past habits.  We begin to crave the foods that comfort us and zoning out in front of the TV becomes much more appealing than working up a sweat.  You tell yourself you’ll just take a day off, but days quickly turn into months, and you find yourself making the same resolutions every year! 

 Does this sound familiar?

 The truth is, life has a way of always getting in the way.  Try as you might, everyone get sick, stressed out, and has disagreements.  The key lies in being prepared for the bumps in the road.

1. Make a list of activities that comfort you – and don’t involve food: Some of my all time favorites: catching a yoga class, taking a warm bath, and meeting a friend for tea.  These all help me to reconnect to myself, my intentions, and put things into perspective.  

2. Schedule in healthy activities into your calendar:  It’s easy to get lost in our busy schedules.  Don’t just wait to see how the week unfolds to figure out when you will get in activity or stock up at the grocery store.  At the beginning of the week, plan when you will exercise, grocery shop, and if you want extra bonus points – plan your meals for the week.  This will help keep you organized and prevent last minute take out. 

3.  Get Support!  Whether you turn to a good friend, fitness trainer, or health coach, it is important to make your goals heard and establish accountability.  This helps to keep you focused on your goals, and is an excellent resource to turn to if you fall off track.  It is important to stay in touch or have occasional sessions even when everything is going.  This will help to increase momentum, build trust, prevent relapses, and most importantly – get you back on track if you happen to slip. 

Amanda Skrip provides culinary and wellness services to inspire healthy living.  She specializes in food-based cleanses, weight-loss, and eating for energy.  In addition to working with private clients, she teaches natural foods cooking classes around the city.  Visit her website to and be sure to check out the blog, event schedule, and sign-up for the newsletter –

Revamp Your Resolutions

 Revamp Your Resolutions

By Sandy Sfikas, RD, LDN

Doesn’t it feel like less and less of us are making New Year’s resolutions these days? It could be because at times they’re nothing more than obligatory and far-fetched vows like these: “I won’t eat late at night anymore!” Or, “I’ll exercise every morning at 6am, no matter what.” They sound like empty promises, right? Even if your intentions are positive, if you have no plan as to how to achieve your resolutions, they’re likely to flop. Think about what’s really important to you and design a plan to go and get it. Here are some suggestions for realistic and achievable resolutions, along with ways to succeed:


  1. I will not stuff myself at every meal.

Plan: I will eat every 3-4 hours so I don’t get over hungry. I’ll carry around healthy snacks and remind myself that I’m keeping my energy and metabolism steady throughout the day.

  1. I will eat breakfast every morning.
    Plan: I’ll create 3 different simple morning meals so that I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat.
  2. I won’t raid the kitchen at bedtime. Plan: I will try other tactics to escape my cravings like brushing my teeth, taking a bath, or enjoying a cup of hot tea.
  3.  I will exercise 3-4 days per week, every week.  Plan: I will carry my exercise clothes with me in the car at all times. In addition, I’ll plan to do something different like a pilates or yoga class once a week.
  4. I will eat more fruit (this is my resolution!).
    Plan: I’ll keep fresh and frozen fruit in the house at all times. I’ll research what fruits are in season during the year and try one new fruit each month. (I even have an app on my phone that tells me what’s in season every month and how to enjoy it!)

 Once you’re following a plan, find ways to reward yourself for your hard work (not with food!). Buy a new exercise shirt or get a massage. In addition, forgive yourself for any mishaps. Resolutions are just goals to help you live a healthier and happier life. Focus on the positive, and the rest will fall into place. Happy New Year!

Sandy Sfikas is a registered dietitian, who in addition to seeing clients, is the editor of a international diabetes magazine. She has both a nutrition and journalism degree, and has worked in clinical settings as well as health clubs. She feels fortunate to have a career and clients that motivate her to continue to advance her knowledge of nutrition and wellness.

Healthy Weekend Happenings

Check out more Chicago healthy events or list yours on Healthy in Chicago’s Healthy Events calendar!


Octoberfest-Lincoln Avenue and Southport

Great American Dine Out– eat out and help end childhood hunger

presidential Bike Tour


Fleet Feet Fun Run

The Energy Efficient Home

Octoberfest-Lincoln Avenue and Southport

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Moonlight Dinner Paddle

Randolph Street Market Fest

Chicago Gourmet

Octoberfest-Lincoln Avenue and Southport

Great American Dine Out– eat out and help end childhood hunger

Farmer’s Markets


Farmer’s Markets

On Your Mark Pioneer Trail Run

Octoberfest-Lincoln Avenue and Southport

Sunday Salutations with lululemon athletica

Chicago Gourmet

Randolph Street Market Fest

What’s UP in Chicago?

Healthy in Chicago is a proud supporter of UP Chicago

We are head-over-heels, obsessively in love with Chicago. There, we said it. Not that it wasn’t already painfully obvious. Our mission here at UPchicago is to introduce you to our city, or for those of you who are already well-acquainted, to help you get the most out of the multitude of opportunities the city offers. Whether you’re trying a Chicago-style hotdog for the first time, or grew up watching ‘da bears’ and eating deep dish, we hope that we can awaken a new love for this great city and show you a new side to its never-ending possibilities.
Urban Philosophy is a way of thinking that you develop when you’re a true city person. Whether you’ve spent your whole life living in Manhattan, or you just moved from small-town Iowa to the city of Chicago, the longer you stay, the more you come to understand what it means to live in a city. Our Urban Philosophy is that no matter who you are, where you are from, and what your likes and dislikes may be, there’s something for everyone in city life. Though some people may say “the city will make you hard,” we feel that cities foster a unique kind of bond between residents and visitors alike. And with this bond, we as individuals make a city what it is.
We’ve chosen to spread our Urban Philosophy in Chicago first because it’s our home, our passion, and what we know most about. And, as they say, write what you know. So, that’s what we’ll be doing, all the while putting into everything we do our distinct philosophy about urban living.

Wanna know more about what’s UP in Chicago? Visit our site at, where you can read all about where to eat, drink, sleep and play in this fabulous city of ours!

Take it to the Lakefront! Tips on working out on the lake

In the summer, we are blessed as Chicagoans to have nice weather, and the beauty of Lake Michigan.  Many take their workouts outside along the lakefront; running, biking, walking, skating, or swimming.  The paths are a great place to train for a race or just sweat for fun, but they can also be hazardous if you aren’t careful or following the rules of the road. 

The Path

Chicago’s paved lakefront path is 18 miles and runs from Hollywood Avenue to 71st street.  It has clear mile markers as well as bathrooms and water fountains.  The complete lakefront map can be found HERE


  • If you are jogging or walking, stay all the way to the right of the yellow line on your side of the path, allowing for others moving faster to pass you.
  • If you are passing someone either running, biking or skating, be considerate and give them a heads up.  You may feel weird at first,  but it is  better than getting in an accident when they decide to cut left.
  • Don’t exit or spit until you look for someone behind you!
  • If you are looking to get in a serious workout, plan to be on the path during the slower times of the day.  Early morning (before 10am) for example when tourists aren’t also out walking along the lake. 
  • Follow the rules of the road and use common sense.  The speed bumps are there for a reason, as are the slow zones. 
  • Be patient.  The lakefront is a great place to workout, thus many people want to be there.  Bikers, runners, walkers and tourists all have the right to enjoy the paths. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Just like on a real road, you never know what could happen.  A dog running across the path, a roller blader falling, or a tourist taking a picture.  There has been increased crime on the lakefront this summer.  Be smart and don’t run alone at night.
  • If listening to music, keep it low enough to hear what is going on around you (someone passing, yelling because they are falling, etc).
  • If walking your dog, keep them on a short leash so they don’t get in the way of another person’s path.

Bottom line: Enjoy! Take advantage of all that our city has to offer and take your workout to the paths.  Just make sure to be aware and considerate of others doing the same.