Chicago’s Best NEW Workouts

Chicago Magazine unveiled the best new workouts in the city.  Guess what?  Healthy in Chicago agrees!

Here are the workouts that made the cut.

GoCycle-amazing cycle studio in Old Town. Check out their new Go Pump class which combines spinning with strength training.  Or Emmy’s spin and abs or spin and yoga combo class!  Your first class is FREE sign up now!

Barre Bee Fit- Read Healthy in Chicago’s review on the studio HEREFREE classes every Saturday in February at lululemon athletica Rush.

iFit Fitness-River North’s newest gym and boy did this neighborhood need a gym!

Tactix-for those who enjoy martial arts!

Crossfit-A Healthy in Chicago favorite.  Read more HERE and get one month free!

Now’s the time to try them out-what do you have to lose?


Celebrate National Preschool Fitness Day January 28

January 28th is National Preschool Fitness Day, a day to acknowledge the importance of developing

healthy lifestyle habits in preschool age children. With the growing concern over childhood obesity, diabetes and an early predisposition to heart disease, it is imperative that healthy habits of regular exercise and sound eating are taught to our youngest population. Two-thirds of adults and nearly one in three children are overweight or obese.

This has a direct impact on our work force, health care costs and overall quality and length of life.

National Preschool Fitness Day is a perfect time for the community, child care centers, preschools, businesses and parents to come together to encourage daily physical activity for all children during the preschool years.  Numerous studies point out that preventing disease and implanting healthy habits works best when aimed at children age 5 and younger.

To help celebrate the day, Aerobic Fitness Consultants offers a number of free preschool fitness activities and ideas. Go to

to download your FREE National Preschool FitnessDay Tool Kit. A few of the items included are:




  • Fitness Activities
  •  Simple Healthy Recipes
  • Easy to make physical education equipment
  • Educational Handouts & Coloring Sheets
  • Classroom Projects

This event is sponsored by KID-FIT, a division of Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. KID-FIT is a world renown physical education program designed to combat the childhood fitness crisis by teaching children ages 2-5 that it’s fun to exercise, eat right and take care of their bodies. Contact Aerobic Fitness Consultants toll free at (888) KIDFITT or via email at

Work Out for Free!

Thanks to the Chicago Park District, you can start your 2011 off right.  Work out for FREE January 2nd-9th at all Chicago Park District Fitness Centers.

The Chicago Park District has over 70 fitness center located across the city that feature state-of-the art equipment and a variety of fitness classes!  To find a location in your neighborhood click here.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Do you workout at a Chicago Park District Fitness Center? Share your experience and comment below.

to Get Healthy on National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

Sponsored Content—

As National Women’s Health and Fitness Day (September 29) approaches, Fit Lincoln Park is reaching out the to the community to remind women to make their health a priority.

Fit Lincoln Park Recommends the following five fitness tips to women:

  1. Make your workout a priority in your calendar. If you have a lot going on for the week, literally schedule it in. That way, no matter how hectic life gets, it can’t fall by the wayside.
  2. Vary your exercises, particularly for cardio. Doing the same thing week after week, whether it’s running, biking or playing a sport, can increase your chance of injury. It will also allow your muscles to develop memory for the activity, causing you to burn fewer calories performing the activity over time.
  3. Combine cardio, strength training and flexibility work for optimum results. People who do one or two of these things will see health benefits, but those who do all three will have stronger muscles, a more efficient cardiovascular system and a great range of motion.
  4. Enlist moral support. Numerous medical studies have shown that people who exercise with a friend have a much higher likelihood of exercising consistently.
  5. Don’t diet, change your lifestyle. Regular exercise and good eating habits aren’t a phase. For the best results, create a regime that you can continue for the rest of your life. Your waistline and your organs will thank you.

Founded by Sarah Martin and Bojan Jocic, certified trainers from the Chicago area, Fit Lincoln Park boasts a unique indoor-outdoor workout space, single or joint personal training sessions, more than 25 group fitness classes, ultrasound body fat analysis and a Pilates studio with a private view of the outdoors. With no enrollment or membership fees, clients only pay for the services that they use, offering a more flexible workout option for frequent travelers, people who use a corporate gym during the week, or those who want to try a workout without making a big membership commitment.

To learn more about Fit Chicago, contact them through email at, phone at 312.929.2395, or on Facebook or Twitter at Fit Lincoln Park. Visit their website at

Staying (kinda) Healthy in Chicago

I wanted to take my first blog post for  Healthy in Chicago to introduce myself to the readers.  My name is Brian.  I’m a 29-year-old former frat guy from Indiana.  I work out too much.  I also go out too much.  It’s this entirely unhealthy balance that I’m going to write my blog posts on for the site.  Why?  The reality is that all of us have unhealthy aspects of our life, because that’s life.  So my posts will not help you look like Stalone in Rocky IV (for that matter they won’t help you look like the “so tan I’m scared, insanely roided out guys at castaways”).  So what will I write about?  Probably stuff you think about if you are a guy at a gym (ladies may think it funny, rude, or probably a mixture of both).

Stuff like:

I got a really funny look from the girl on the elliptical next to me for wearing gym clothes that smell like a high school football locker.

What the hell is the deal with Tread and Shred class?  Why is this dude in spandex yelling at people to run faster?  Can he tone it down, so I can focus on staring at the girl in front me?

It would be sick if wearing sunglasses inside was reasonable.

Is anyone else scared when personal trainers seem to give you the stare down trying to Jedi mind trick you into signing up.

Enough with the referral crap.  If I’m going to recommend my gym, it’s because I like it, not because I get $25 in free smoothies.

Basically all the random stuff I’m doing and thinking as I’m sweating out last evening’s booze.  Off to the gym to sweat off last night’s bender.  I will be thinking about the 22-year-old I was hanging out with and how I will need to continue working out longer if I’m going to defy my age into my upcoming 30th birthday.

Davidson – Chicago – 2010

Eat, Act, Think… and Get Healthy Chicago!

We cannot deny the fact that America’s children are facing an avoidable health crisis. Physical inactivity coupled with increased consumption of easily accessible processed, sugar-laden foods, has led to frightening statistics: childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even low energy and self-esteem are some of the life-altering risks related to this reversible condition. Get Healthy Chicago believes that sitting back and watching the situation intensify is not an option and we are not alone! As you already know, Michelle Obama recently launched her national, “Let’s Move!” campaign. Get Healthy Chicago shares the first lady’s ambitious mission to solve the obesity epidemic, and is going about doing so in a very unique way.  

Get Healthy Chicago inspires area kids to live their healthiest lives through participation in a one of a kind program titled, Empowerment Yoga.  While participants bend, stretch, and move their bodies, GHC’s core principals- Eat, Act, and Think- are expertly woven through their lively and bright classes.   

Eat- Healthy bodies require healthy food.  During Empowerment Yoga, attention is placed on how different foods affect the way the children’s bodies move and feel.  Class ends with a shared healthy snack and a discussion on what healthy foods are available in their neighborhoods and how they can make small changes to reap big nutritional benefits. 

Act- Get Healthy Chicago introduces and educates area youth to the ancient mind-body practice of yoga.  Many of the young participants have not otherwise been exposed to yoga; the simple poses require no special equipment, making them easy to practice while watching TV, in their bedrooms, or even in between classes!  The yoga-certified volunteers teach Empowerment Yoga with such finesse, and children leave learning the benefits of yoga, and most importantly, how fun it can be!   

Think- Eating healthy foods and exercising everyday are two of the three parts to Get Healthy Chicago’s holistic approach. The third principle, Think, includes goal setting, mindfulness, and overall positive thinking which encourages healthy self-esteem.  Empowerment Yoga helps children to see the connection between having positive thoughts and feeling great!  By educating the children on the value of setting both short and long term goals, Get Healthy Chicago volunteers assist participants in taking the first step of turning dream into reality! When all is said and done, Get Healthy Chicago proves that together, fresh food, physical activity, and goal-oriented, positive thoughts, foster happy and healthy living!  For now, Get Healthy Chicago targets adolescents and young adults.  The 10-18 age range was strategically chosen, as this is when lifestyle habits are being formed that can last a lifetime.  GHC has already made great strides and connections in Chicago, and is looking forward to continue developing, expanding, and sharing their Empowerment Yoga with many, many more!   

If you are a fitness or nutrition expert, or just a healthy-minded individual motivated to inspire children to live healthy lives, we encourage all to join our cause! For more information about Get Healthy Chicago, or to learn how you can volunteer time or resources, please email our volunteer coordinator, Colleen, at 

Click to Visit Get Healthy Chicago

Quick Calorie Burners-At Work

We are all busy people.  It is hard to get the government’s recommendations of at least 2½ hours of moderate-intensity activity  or 1¼ hours of a vigorous-intensity activity each week, when we work over 40 hours, and have  family, friends, and social obligations.   Since we are usually at work most of the day, (at a desk), there are things we can do to still get a workout while at work. 

What can we do to still be healthy and active when we are busy?

It has been proven that short bouts of exercise can be beneficial and yield successful results.  It is possible to do quick, easy workouts within minutes.

Quick and Easy Workouts Ideas

  • Calf raises while waiting for copies
  • Squats when warming up your food in the microwave
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators!-Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day!
  • Walk at lunch.  Take advantage of the good weather while we have it in Chicago and get outside
  • Run in place for one minute while waiting for your internet page to load
  • Set an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to get up and move around
  • Go to the restroom on another floor
  • Stand while talking on the phone; you burn more calories standing vs. seated

To-do at your desk-don’t be embarrassed!

  • Arm raises;  30 seconds 3-5 times a day when seated at your desk.  Raise above your head then bring your arms up to a “T” at your sides
  • Tricep dips ;on the edge of your desk (make sure it can hold your body weight!)

Leg extensions; sitting in your chair lift one leg off the seat then extend straight, switch

  • Push ups;  off your desk
  • Sit on an exercise ball.  Yes, like the fitness orb on the episode of  “The Office”.  Exercise balls strengthen your abs and back while you sit and improve posture.
  • Head rolls; to each side slowly
  • Back rows; sitting straight, squeeze your should blades together slowly, repeat
  • Butt clenches; tighten and hold, repeat 20 times
  • Ab crunch; seated, contract abs and hold. round back to push belly button into back of chair, repeat 20 times
  • Bicep curls; squeeze your bicep and slowly curl up and down
  • Walk over to a co-worker instead of emailing or calling

At the end of the day, 10 to 20 exercises done a minute or two at a time will easily equal a 20 minute exercise routine. Doing these two or three times a week is can help achieve and maintain muscle definition and work your heart.

Sources: WebMD, Fitness Magazine, Mayo Clinic