What is Healthy?-From a 1st Grader

Happy Monday Chicago! 

Healthy In Chicago enlisted some help from a few elementary school teachers to bring you insight (and maybe a few laughs) from the youth of the area on what they think healthy means.  When asked the questions below, the first graders responded with the following;

What does the word healthy mean?   

  • “I think it kind of means you are feeling good and not sick.”
  • “It means that you eat good.”
  • “It means that you are not eating junk food and you are staying in good shape.”
  • “It means that you are eating apples and oranges.”
  • “It means that you’re eating oranges and bananas.”
  • “It means that you are working out.”
  • “It means that you are strong.”
  • “It means that your weight isn’t high.”
  • “It means when you don’t eat ice cream all of the time.”
  • “It means you eat a lot of vegetables and that makes you really good for your body.”
  • “Don’t eat junk because it will make you not healthy.”
  • “It means that you are brushing your teeth well.”
  • “It means that you sleep a lot.”
  • “It means you are feeling good and not having rabies.”
  • “It means that you are getting in shape.”
  • “It means that you’re healthy and you eat apples and fruit and vegetables.”
  • “It means that you’re eating a lot of green things.”
  • “It means that your lifting weights a lot.”
  • “You’re eating green beans and salad.”

Where did you learn about being healthy?

  • “If you see vegetables you will get healthy.”
  • “School, my teacher.”
  • “In kindergarten.”
  • “Sometimes the hospital.”
  • “The doctor.”
  • “At my home.”
  • “Your parents teach you.”
  • “The Nurse”
  • “Online.”
  • “The Biggest Loser Show.”
  • “The Doctor OZ show.”
  • “Dr. Seuss.”   (*my personal favorite because his name is doctor)

Chicago, what do you think Healthy is? Do you remember how you first learned how to be healthy?  Do you pass this knowledge on?